Lefko is an independent fashion label working together with refugees in Athens to create linen classics made to last.


Our project began in 2018 at the Raise Your Voice festival in Athens (see above!), raising awareness about human trafficking. In 2019, we officially launched in Singapore!

Joanne is a Graphic Designer and Mihalis, a Supply Chain Consultant. Together with you we can be part of the solution towards the huge influx of refugees who have been left stranded in Greece; by purchasing a Lefko you help provide meaningful employment and training to refugees and survivors of human trafficking.

Lefko means "white" in Greek; for us it means a clean Supply Chain without any ethical or environmental stains; it means clothes where imperfections can't be hidden.

We believe in a circular model (Lefko Loop) where garments are designed sans trends, 100% biodegradable and eventually if it no longer works for you (hopefully never!), be returned to us. Learn more about the materials we use here.  To connect you to the makers of your Lefko we include a postcard which you can send back to the maker and say a little thank you or hello!



Love, Mihali & Jo